M8 A-code A code TO MINI8PIN industrial customized line

Short Description:

Shell material:TPUapplication area:Industrial automation of mechanical equipmentInstallation style:threadCross sectional area:oneProduct range:M8ambient temperature:-40-+120

Product Detail

Product information

Number of cores: 3 4 5 6 8

Wiring mode: welding, screw crimping

Connection method: threaded connection

Waterproof grade: IP67

Current: 3A/60V

Electrical and mechanical properties

Industry standard: IEC 61076-2-101

Plug guide: straight head, elbow coupling screw/nut: copper nickel plating/plastic

Shell/shell: TPU adapter gauge: 20-26AWG

Connector conductor: copper gold-plated

Product specification

Specification package: 1pcs

Specification box: 49 * 23 * 27mm

Sensors, actuators, encoders, motor motors, industrial cameras, ships and other equipment

● Plant automation process control

● Packaging label printing equipment

● Industrial instruments and equipment

● EMS circuit board assembly

● Industrial safety grating light curtain

● Equipment battery and semiconductor

● Fieldbus: DeviceNet, CANopen, Profibus, Ethernet,

● Marine electronic NMEA 2000, rail transit

● LED outdoor display, outdoor LED lighting

Industry standard IEC 61076-2-104 connector type panel type rear lock

The plating thickness of plug guide straight terminal is 3 µ“

Connector rubber core PA66+GF outer mold/shell metal shell

Applicable current 3A connector conductor copper gold-plated

Applicable voltage: 60V Applicable temperature: - 40 ° C~+105 ° C

Coupling screw/nut copper nickel plating insulation resistance ≥ 100 M Ω

Sealing method Epoxy resin conductor resistance ≤ 5m Ω

Core wire connection mode PCB welding type protection grade IP 67

Sensor, actuator, encoder, motor motor ● Industrial grating light curtain

● Factory automation process control ● Equipment battery, semiconductor

● Packaging label printing equipment ● Industrial camera

● Industrial instruments and equipment ● Robots

● EMS circuit board components ● Medical equipment

Quality Statement

● Screws and nuts: brass C3604 nickel-plated 120 μ ", CNC vehicle parts;

● Female terminal: phosphor bronze C5441 nickel base 120 μ "Gold-plated 3 μ ", solid vehicle parts;

● Applicable temperature: dynamic: - 25~80 ℃, static: - 40~105 ℃;

● Protection grade: IP67, plug-in locking status;

● RoHS compliant materials.

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